eFile Personal Property Filing Instructions


To file a Personal Property Tax Filing Form using the Spokane County personal property eFile system, please follow the instructions below:


Enroll in the Personal Property eFiling Program


    • Select the Enroll menu item on the menu bar.
    • Complete the Applicant Information.  Applicants can be business owners or agents representing the business.
    • Under Electronic Filing Accounts, enter the Property Account numbers that will be filed under this enrollment.

·          Press the Submit button.



·          Check the Enrollment Confirmation box and press the Confirm button.


Wait for Email Confirmation that Your Enrollment has Been Accepted


    • The Assessor’s Office will review your electronic Enrollment Application .
    • After the Electronic Application is reviewed by the Assessor’s Office, you will receive an email with a User Login Name and Password that you will use to complete and submit your inventory listing.
    • Contact the Spokane County Assessor’s Office at (509) 477- 4787  if you receive notification that your application was denied.


Log in to Your Personal Property Tax Filing Account


    • Select the My Account menu item on the On-Line Personal Property Filing Program web page.
    • Select View My Personal Property Filing Accounts.
    • Using the emailed login , enter the Login Name and Password and press Login.


Update and Submit Your Personal Property Tax Listing(s)


    • Under Personal Property Filing Accounts, s elect the property tax account you wish to update, then press the Open the selected account for filing button.
    • Each filing account has a status.  Each status is described at the top of the web page.
    • Edit the Personal Property Listing as described on the Personal Property Listing Help page.
    • Press the Submit Personal Property Listing button to submit the inventory listing to the county for review and approval.





Enrollment Form


eFile Personal Property Filing System

Enrollment Instructions


·         Business owners or agents representing a business can apply to file Personal Property Inventory Listings.

·         Enter the requested information in the section labeled Applicant Information.

·         Enter each account you are filing for under the section labeled Electronic Filing Accounts.

·         Press the Continue button.

·         To revise the Enrollment information, press Edit, press Continue to Print the Enrollment Affidavit, or press Cancel to exit the Enrollment process.


Enrollment Confirmation


    • Please verify the Enrollment Applicant Information is correct.
    • Press the Edit button to correct Enrollment Application Information.
    • Press Cancel to stop the enrollment process without saving the Enrollment Application Information.


    • If you pressed Continue, you will then confirm enrollment by checking the Confirm Enrollment box, and pressing the Confirm button.






Enter the User Name and Password emailed to you after your electronic enrollment application was approved by the county.

The User Name and Password are case sensitive, and must be entered in lower or upper case exactly as provided.

  If you have lost or cannot remember your User ID or Password, press the link labeled Can't Remember User ID and/or Password. If you need further assistance please contact the Spokane County Assessor’s Office (Personal Property Department):


Phone:              (509) 477-4787

E-Mail:             [email protected]


My Account


From this page, you can select options to view and change inventory by account or change filing information such as email, address and phone number.


Account Settings


Change account enrollment information



Personal Property Filing Accounts


Please select the Personal Property Account you would like to update and press Open the selected account for filing.



If you want to opt out of filing for a certain account,   select the account and press Close the Selected Account. Accounts should be closed for filing if the account owner or filer changes.



Personal Property Listing Update  


  • Modify the Business Type selections as needed.
  • If the business has been sold, please select the Change of Status tab and enter changes as necessary.
  • If the business has changed address, please select the Change of Address tab and enter changes as necessary.
  • Press the Assets tab to change your existing inventory information.


Updating Asset List 

  • Check the box labeled “I want to change the Supplies value” and enter the cost for Supplies.
  • Enter a check beside each item you wish to update or delete and press the Edit Selected Items button.
  • Press the Add New Items button to add new assets to your listing.
  • Submit the completed   listing to the county for review by pressing the Submit Personal Property Listing.


Edit Items


Enter changes to individual items on this page


  • Enter Revised Cost.
  • Select a Reason for the change in the items cost.
  • Enter Notes that support the selected Reason.
  • Press Save or Cancel.


Input New Items


Add information for New Items


  • Add Item Description, Purchase Year, and Cost.
  • Select a Reason code and provide supporting Notes.
  • Press Cancel , Save Item and Done or Save Item and Add Another .